The Importance of Kindergarten

Due to the heart holiday today, glue has been in use this past week here at chez Ingleside.

Making valentines

Yesterday I saw the glue bottle lying on the bookshelf, picked it up and sure enough, the top was open. Neither Kitty not AB remembered leaving it that way, but AB did acknowledge that he knew the glue dried up if the top was left open. Out loud, I wondered why it wasn’t automatic that they closed the glue bottle after using it, because it’s what I do without thinking about it. I explained that I had learned to do so in kindergarten and that, in fact, that was one of the most significant things I had learned there.

Upon hearing this, one pair of brown eyes and one pair of hazel eyes looked up at me and two voices said appealingly, “But Mommy, we never went to kindergarten!”

Do you know, they were right!

Poor dears! šŸ˜‰

The ‘close the top of the glue bottle’ gap in their education was immediately rectified.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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