Lovely Lavender Lace

I started knitting these Loksins socks in early spring and completed one before getting sidetracked by other projects. August is a great month for getting out the UFO’s that have been languishing and finishing them while savoring the last days of relaxed schedules.A few hours sitting in the car and a few evenings listening and knitting during our family read aloud time and these were finished!

The socks are a brilliant combination of two easy lace patterns flanking stockinette stitch columns.

Pattern: Loksins Socks

Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Periwinkle

Other details are on my ravelry page (any tips on how to link to that?)

Elegant and refined, yet simple and unassuming.

And in periwinkle, a beautiful color with a euphonic name!


2 responses to “Lovely Lavender Lace

  1. That 2nd picture is one of the prettiest sock pictures I’ve seen! They are gorgeous!

  2. What GORgeous socks! Love the color and the pattern. Almost makes me want to search for my sock mojo . . . which I lost a couple of years ago. 🙂

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