Something Extra

Using a few sticks and some yarn to knit a project is, in itself, creative. Most knitters create one-of-a-kind items. Only if others use the same yarn in the same color and knit exactly the same pattern are there any duplicates; with the great variety of yarns and colors, exact duplication is a rarity.

So what is it that often leads me to add Something Extra to an already unique knitting project?


A desire to make sure that what I knit is definitely not a duplicate?

Does it go back to a childhood urge to color outside the lines?

Whatever it is, I’ve done it again.

IMG_5270The Cable Twist sock pattern is a lovely pattern, textural with a touch of elegance in the smooth, regular diagonals on the wide ribs. A fine pattern, yes? Could I knit it as written? Apparently not.


See the diamonds in the gussets? You won’t see them on any other socks knit from this pattern. The pattern had nice, standard stockinette stitch gussets. Simple and unassuming. But as I knit my socks, diamonds on the gussets flowed off my needles. Perhaps there was an imp whispering in my ear, prompting me to knit the diamonds. I listened and I knit. Diamonds appeared.

I like them. They make me smile.:)

(Socks were knit with Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock yarn in navy, and are much darker than they appear in the photos.)


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