Garter stitch edge

Decisions, decisions!

I’ve begun a new knitting project that has a garter stitch hem, with stockinette stitch above it. Garter stitch looks the same on both sides, so either side could be considered the “right” side. But when one reaches the stockinette stitch part, one must choose which side will be the right side. And it does make a difference because the long-tail cast on – which I used – looks distinctly different on one side than it does on the other.

IMG_5275The side facing you as you cast on looks very much like an outline embroidery stitch and gives a smooth, finished look to the edge. This is the side I usually consider to be the right side because I like the neatness of the edge.

IMG_5278The other side is bumpy and is often considered the “wrong side”, especially when the garment is mainly stockinette stitch. I dithered about which side to use as the right side of this garment and finally decided to use the purl bump side of the cast on as the right side because it matches the garter stitch border so closely.

What do you think? Do you use the smooth or bumpy cast on edge as the right side for garter stitch?



2 responses to “Garter stitch edge

  1. My pattern calls for 6 rows of garter stitching before the first row of the lace pattern, which was a purl row and the wrong side. Since I used the long-tail cast-on, this made the smooth side the default right side. Not what I wanted. So I did only five rows of the garter stitch and it looks better, in my opinion.

  2. inglesidebelle

    Your solution sounds good to me!

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