The Entertainer

The answer to yesterday’s mystery drawing is “The Entertainer” by Scott Joplin. Last summer Zip took a liking to that piece and learned to play a simplified version. Appropriately, the title suits him. He has an inborn desire to entertain and amuse people and he takes advantage of all opportunities to do so.

For example, last year my husband’s business hired a magician to entertain the children at the company’s family Christmas party. At one point during the show, the magician asked for a volunteer from the audience. Zip jumped up before anyone else could and helped the magician with a trick. When the trick was finished, the magician jokingly told Zip to keep the audience entertained while he prepared for the next trick, not at all expecting that a mere kid would be able to do that.

He didn’t know our Entertainer.

Mr. Magician moved off to the side and busied himself with his equipment. After a minute, he was surprised to hear the audience laughing and clapping. Zip had pulled a few things out of his pocket and did a trick. He was on to his second one before the magician realized that if he didn’t get busy, this kid would steal the show from him!


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