Boys, Part III

My early teen son’s mind has two things that it enjoys thinking about at any given time: sports and weapons. Well, maybe three things, because he often mentions inventions he’s thinking about, but one of those three things is definitely weapons. Which explains why, after seeing a billboard for an exterminating service, he announced, “Exterminator! What a great job! That’s what I want to be when I grow up.”

His sister was rather surprised and inquired why he would want that job. His answer?

“They get to carry a gun around in the city and shoot it at pests.”

Being an older sister, she couldn’t let him remain in his ignorant bliss and immediately informed him of the actual tools and methods modern exterminators use.

Poor fellow. His sister didn’t allow him even one enjoyable hour of visualizing himself in what he perceived to be a glorious occupation.

His career plans remain uncertain, but exterminator is no longer on his list.


One response to “Boys, Part III

  1. Ah. . . the things that appeal to boys! At that age, my son wanted to be a “cop” so he could “drive fast whenever he wanted.” The gears do turn in those little brains!

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