Drawing Music

Kitty and Zip love to entertain and challenge each other with quizzes. A few weeks ago, they were supposed to be doing schoolwork in the other room while I had a consultation. Whispers and giggles reached my ears, telling me that they weren’t doing their work – but at least they were having fun. They were playing drawing charades (as I mentioned in my November 9th post).

Can you guess which well-known piece of classical music this drawing illustrates?

Hint: the composer was an Italian whoses last name begins with “V”. Second hint: the drawing only illustrates one of the four main parts to the composition.

(Ignore the words at the top of the drawing. They were using a paper on which I had shown them how to make an outline as in:

I. The…

A. The…

1. The…

a. The…)


2 responses to “Drawing Music

  1. I’m thinking Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. . . Fall!

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