The Cake is Done!

I’ve been pondering how it is that some things we learned in school stay with us for the rest of our lives, while much of what we were taught is long forgotten, buried in the ‘brainfill’, never to be remembered.

For example, my junior high school grammar teacher, Miss Martha, was very strict, very thorough and very insistent that we use words properly. In my head, I can still hear her voice spouting some of what we called her “Martha-isms”, sayings that we heard dozens of times. Sayings such as  “The cake is done, you are finished,” and “If you want to slouch, get a lounge.” My sister does a great Miss Martha imitation of the latter saying, drawling the last word and dragging it out for emphasis.

While I don’t try to do a perfect Miss Martha imitation, I have more than once told my children, “The cake is done, you are finished!”


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