Week of Thankfulness

And the Week of Food.

Today, I’m thankful for both Kitty and her culinary skills. She’s quite a competent and capable young person who brings music into our lives, our home, our car and really, just about everywhere she goes.

She likes to sing.

And, unlike her mother, she sings very well. She’s been in a choir for several years and has quite an extensive repertoire of memorized songs. Sometimes she bursts into song in unexpected places, as she did today at the deli counter in the grocery store. I noticed a woman giving her an odd look and understood why;  not everyone is used to hearing an enthusiastic, if softly sung, rendition of an Irish folk song while ordering the day’s chicken salad. But we’re used to it here. Folk music, Renaissance polyphony, Christmas carols – you name it and we hear it! Anytime, anywhere.

She also enjoys cooking and has a flair for presentation. Last week this is what she served me along with my lunch.

Not quite the food that everyone is thinking about, planning and preparing this week, but I enjoyed it!


2 responses to “Week of Thankfulness

  1. This looks like a delicious lunch–and so beautifully arranged. What a nice treat!

  2. I have a singer, too. Only . . . now she’s in college and I miss the music! Love the plate — I’m a total fool for blue transferware. . .

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