Thankful Tuesday

Today I’m thankful for my older daughter, CollegeGirl.

Can you see the imp in her eyes?

Her sense of humor is very similar to my own, which means that there are many times when we’re both tempted to laugh, but we know it’s best not to, given the circumstances. At those times we have to avoid looking at each other, because if we do we’ll both burst out laughing. Sometimes we’re successful, sometimes we look – and laugh.

Like her father, she finds things that I say  in all seriousness funny and laughs at me, as she did when I told her on my fiftieth birthday that I needed to live up to my age and comport myself in a serene, dignified and refined manner. Well, all things are possible, aren’t they?

When the two of us are alone together almost anything can set us off. One of those times occurred when we had been out shopping. We had just left the mall and I was driving, waiting in line to get into another lane that led to the expressway. I wanted to let Himself know when we’d be home, so I called our home phone. Just then a big SUV cut in front of me and blocked my access to the lane I had been waiting to get into. Astonished, I spluttered in surprise, “You – you Pig! You absolute Pig!”  That set CollegeGirl laughing and I joined her. Then I realized that our answering machine had picked up and recorded everything that I had just said as well as our laughter. The vision of Himself listening to the message, hearing me call him a pig and having no idea what had prompted them sent me deeper into a fit of giggles and when I laugh hard, I snort. My snorting further set CollegeGirl off in another fit.

I’m thankful I have a daughter who shares my occasional silliness!



One response to “Thankful Tuesday

  1. There is nothing quite like out-of-control giggling —- especially with your daughter! What a wonderful gift.

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