The Basics – and More

Yesterday’s photo theme was water, one of the basic necessities of life and something that I very much take for granted. Today, on this national day of Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for living in this beautiful country where I enjoy not only the basics of life – pure water, clean air, and fresh food – but so much more than the basics. To paraphrase a well-known hymn, among other things I’m thankful

For the Beauty of the Earth

For the Glory of the Skies

For this land of our birth,

which has had great leaders who have remembered that all good things come from God above.  The Lincoln Memorial and The Washington Memorial, which are in the last two photos, honor two of our Presidents, both of whom issued proclamations calling for a National Day of Thanksgiving.

(I took the top two photos a few weeks apart at opposite ends of the country. It is a beautiful land, isn’t it?)

Happy Thanksgiving Day!


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