After Kitty’s choir practice, she and I went over to Chicago’s Christkindlmarket (as they spell it there). What a delightful experience! Being of German ancestry, I’ve read and heard about the Christkindlmarkts in Germany, but had never been to one. Lunch consisted of an Austrian spinach and cheese pastry, a piece of apple strudel and a cinnamon and sugar dusted sweet pastry – not very healthy, but Oh, So Good! Here’s a small sampling of what we saw today:

I didn’t notice the bells on this horse until just now – drat! Wish I had bought it.

Isn’t this display precious? Owls keeping watch over sweet snail toys.

One of my daughter’s favorites. Isn’t he the most adorable hedgehog you’ve seen?

We both liked this nativity, but the $65 was spent on four cashmere scarves instead. Better to give gifts than to add to our already sizable nativity collection, yes?


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