An almost Wordless Wednesday post with a bit of an explanation.

Last Saturday, as we were walking toward the school at which Kitty and Zip’s music competition was being held, we heard a jingling sound. And what to our wondering eyes did appear? A charming horse-drawn sleigh!

The sight was something to wonder at because that spot isn’t exactly the most scenic part of the city, as evidenced by the ordinary, non-disguised garbage can.

But that isn’t the worst of it. Just after I took these photos, an elevated train screeched noisily past. Now, if you were going to take a horse-drawn sleigh ride in Chicago, would you want to include in your experience the screeching noise of an elevated train passing overhead?

I didn’t think so. Perhaps that’s why this sleigh had no passengers?

To their credit, the men were only one block away from Michigan Avenue and the great vistas available there. I hope that they spent the rest of the day in that more aethetically pleasing environment.


2 responses to “Incongruity

  1. Maybe they were just warming up. . . for the real rides later????

  2. Was it for a beer commercial? (Just kidding!)

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