Home for the Holidays

My two oldest children have come home for the holidays! Mr. Matterhorn came from Alaska and Rose from California. We weren’t sure if Mr. Matterhorn would be coming, but he made it on Monday evening. Other than sleeping since he’s been home (!), he’s amused us with tales of his Alaskan experiences, has helped with the shoveling and even taken Zip to the newest toy shop in town. Rose has de-stressed from finals week and goes around singing and giggling at me. I had forgotten how amused she can be at what I say and the gestures I make when I talk. Just being myself! šŸ™‚

Photo of the three of us at the Getty Art Center in LA, taken a year and a half ago. We look pretty much the same now with the addition of a beard on Mr. Matterhorn.


One response to “Home for the Holidays

  1. I’ll bet Mr. Matterhorn looks smashing in a beard! (And it’s probably practical, too!) Amazing how finals weeks zaps those poor students. . . and amazing how a little sleep puts the spirit right back in ’em!

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