The Wonder Plates

Have you ever heard or seen a really sappy sentiment? I mean really, really silly?

Today Rose and I spent the afternoon enjoying

the fresh snow in the country,

the post-Christmas relaxed atmosphere

of a couple of towns we drove through,

and the lovely decor of a gift/home decorating shop in Lake Geneva.

Then we  turned the corner into another room of the shop and encountered


And this.

(blurry photo due to photographer’s inability to control laughter)

We had a giggle fit.

And when we came home and told Zip, he joined us in another giggle fit.

These plates make me wonder.

I wonder who thought of these sentiments?

I wonder who had the idea to put these sentiments on plates?

Now there are probably some very sweet people who would buy these plates and gift them to a dearly beloved person who would be just thrilled to receive them. I guess I’m not a very sweet person because they just make me laugh and wonder, were they meant for gag gifts (but the shop was not the kind of store that sells gag gifts)?


3 responses to “The Wonder Plates

  1. Well maybe the plates are a winter/christmas version of “You are the sunshine of my Life” 😉
    We unfortunately didn’t have any white christmas. But your photos relly look very inviting.

  2. This might be a fun game to play. . . You’re the sugar in my cookie! Hmmmmm. . . You’re the flame in my candle. . . I think this could get really silly!

  3. Your photos are very pretty and look so festive!

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