Two events signal the end of the holiday season for me. Both took place today.

1. This morning Rose and I watched the rosy glow of dawn spread across the f-f-f-rig-g-g-g-id early morning s-s-s-sky (it was zero degrees Fahrenheit, which is -18 Celsius) as I drove her to the airport for her flight back to sunny southern California. The sunrise was gorgeous – you’ll have to take my word for it, since I was driving and couldn’t take a photo.

2. This afternoon Himself took the tree down and we packed the ornaments away for another year (we wait until the weekend before Christmas to put our tree up, which means we can wait until after Epiphany to take it down).

Although the light was poor by the time they were all off the tree, I did take a few photos of some of my favorite ornaments. Some things never fail to delight, do they?

Tomorrow is our re-entry back to routine as all regular schedules resume.

P.S. Oops, I forgot to hold the voting for the silly sentiments! Kym obviously won and I think Petra picked the best silly sentiment. Kym came up with several good ones, didn’t she?


One response to “Re-Entry

  1. I love Snoopy!

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