Kitty’s Valentine

My valentine for Kitty suits her perfectly. It’s a family tradition to make valentine’s for each other, but when I saw this in the store I couldn’t resist buying it because it so perfectly symbolizes Kitty’s personality and  style.

Her valentine is pink and brown; pink and brown are her favorite colors.

Her valentine has lots of sparkles; not only does she sparkle (especially when she’s happy), she likes sparkles – lots of them!

Her valentine has lots of hearts; she has a warm, friendly heart and likes to ❤ people. She’s the most socially outgoing of my children. Even at a young age, she liked making friends and would strike up a conversation with people who happened to be in her vicinity. We had to watch her carefully because she was very trusting. Through her we have befriended a variety of interesting, fun people we wouldn’t have gotten to know if it weren’t for Kitty, some of whom we still number among our friends today. Of all my children, she’s the one who will frequently come up to me, give me a hug and announce, “I like us!”

Kitty, I like you too! I more than like you. I ❤ you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


One response to “Kitty’s Valentine

  1. Love that Valentine design! Great graphics and colors. And what a wonderful message for Kitty!

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