Serene Beauty

I wish I possessed that serenity and calmness. Today, in the midst of our usual beginning-of-school-year-busy-ness, this painting that I saw three years ago came to my mind .

The ability to wonder at something is not the exclusive realm of children. Some of the most mature people I know have retained a great ability to wonder and I hope to always possess a sense of wonder (even if I never achieve serenity and calmness of spirit!). At this time of the year, I need to take the time to wonder at the beautiful. Although the exquisite perfection of Leonardo’s painting of Ginevra de Benci can only truly be appreciated in person and in contrast to other works of a similar nature, seeing it here is better than not seeing it at all.




One response to “Ginevra

  1. I always loved that picture too…I would look at it in the Sr. Wendy books at home, and admire her tranquility. However, it is more than likely that she didn’t exactly have your 21st century pressures. And you are just as lovely as she is.
    I think da Vinci may also have had an eternal aim in mind…he wanted this painting to represent the zenith of serene beauty, which cannot be attained for long in this life. I think the model was like a muse to him, communicating in her appearance an otherworldly peace that she rarely achieved herself.
    I hope that we both share more fully in that serenity soon…as much as we can in this mutable life.

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