About Me

Pleasing color combinations, elegant lines and textural patterns feed my appetite for visual beauty.

I am a happy wife, an unpredictable mother (according to #3 child) of four, and a strong-minded woman who seeks goodness, truth and beauty, reads voraciously, tries to exercise daily, is prone to giggle at times and likes doing needlework.

To protect the innocent (and sometimes the guilty), I use code names for members of my family. Himself is, of course, my husband. Zip, ActiveBoy (AB for short) and CubsFan all describe my younger son. My younger daughter is known here as Kitty, while Rose and CollegeGirl both refer to my older daughter and my older son’s moniker is Mr. Matterhorn.


3 responses to “About Me

  1. Thank you for your idea on how to help the back of my Emma Shrug. I am going to try that right now!

  2. I am currently knitting your Filey sock and have a question. I just finished the ribbing and started the leg. I am working the L size. It states to slip the last 5 stitches of the last row of ribbing to needle 1 – then redistribute the other stitches. After knitting 12 stitches on needle 4 – I have 6 stitches left.
    Should it be slip the last 6 stitches?? Thank you – I am new to knitting socks with patterns & want to make sure I start correctly.

    Lourdes Davis

    • Lourdes,
      Thank you so much for the question! I had to go back to the pattern and mentally knit following my own instructions to understand your difficulty. You are correct in that there is a mistake in the instructions. You should knit 13 stitches on needle 4 for size L (one more than the 12 stated in the instructions). Then you will have the correct number of 5 stitches remaining on that needle. That way, the ribbing will line up with the stitch pattern used on the leg of the sock.

      I really appreciate your bringing the error to my attention. Please let me know if you have any further questions about the pattern. I would enjoy seeing your finished socks!

      P.S. I’m going to post the correction on ravelry pattern page.

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