November fruit

“The kindly fruits of the earth, so as in due time we may enjoy them.”

The last tomatoes of the season.

The plants from which they came are no more – due to Jack Frost’s visit last week.

But this blog still exists!

(Off to sign up for NaBloPoMo, aka National Blog Posting Month)


A child’s view

Detail of an 11 year old’s* version of the Resurrection.

Did you know that, in addition to singing “Alleluia”, the angels provide commentary?

The angel hovering above the soldier who has fainted is saying,

“Oh my, I hope he believes after this.”

Happy Easter!

Frohe Ostern!

god paske

*My son, the Matterhorn, is the artist.

Is it Really Spring?

The garden yesterday evening.

The same spot this morning.

12 hours.

Spring = dramatic changes.

At least spring snow melts quickly.



Serene Beauty

I wish I possessed that serenity and calmness. Today, in the midst of our usual beginning-of-school-year-busy-ness, this painting that I saw three years ago came to my mind .

The ability to wonder at something is not the exclusive realm of children. Some of the most mature people I know have retained a great ability to wonder and I hope to always possess a sense of wonder (even if I never achieve serenity and calmness of spirit!). At this time of the year, I need to take the time to wonder at the beautiful. Although the exquisite perfection of Leonardo’s painting of Ginevra de Benci can only truly be appreciated in person and in contrast to other works of a similar nature, seeing it here is better than not seeing it at all.



Coloring Eggs

Kitty and Zip are dyeing the eggs this year. They’re very much into symbolism and like using wax crayons to draw what they deem appropriate designs on the eggs before coloring them. What constitutes an appropriate design? There has been some disagreement on that, which leads to spicy discussions between them. Last year Mr. Matterhorn was home for Easter. He decided we needed a theme for the egg decorations.

Can you guess the theme?

Does this photo help?

Sign of Spring

A dog that plays in the mud

should expect

to be hosed clean.

Making a face won’t distract Kitty.

She’s very thorough.

But if you look sweet and cooperate with her,

she’ll leave your head dry so you don’t look thin and limp all over. 🙂

You certainly have an expressive face!

Kitty’s Valentine

My valentine for Kitty suits her perfectly. It’s a family tradition to make valentine’s for each other, but when I saw this in the store I couldn’t resist buying it because it so perfectly symbolizes Kitty’s personality and  style.

Her valentine is pink and brown; pink and brown are her favorite colors.

Her valentine has lots of sparkles; not only does she sparkle (especially when she’s happy), she likes sparkles – lots of them!

Her valentine has lots of hearts; she has a warm, friendly heart and likes to ❤ people. She’s the most socially outgoing of my children. Even at a young age, she liked making friends and would strike up a conversation with people who happened to be in her vicinity. We had to watch her carefully because she was very trusting. Through her we have befriended a variety of interesting, fun people we wouldn’t have gotten to know if it weren’t for Kitty, some of whom we still number among our friends today. Of all my children, she’s the one who will frequently come up to me, give me a hug and announce, “I like us!”

Kitty, I like you too! I more than like you. I ❤ you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!